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  • Do Parents have to attend Orientation?
    Parent attendance is highly recommended. At Orientation we will review School Policies, MVA Rights and Responsibilities, Curriculum Requirements, New Laws, and How to Schedule Drives.
  • Do I need a Learner's Permit to take Driver's Ed?
    No, Students can take Drivers Ed as early as 15 yrs old, however the student will not be able to take the Behind the Wheel portion until they receive their learner's permit.
  • What do I need for class?
    Learner's Permit or Birth Certificate (If Learner's permit has not been issued)
  • What are the steps to getting a Driver's License?
    1. Learner's Permit (Minimum Age 15 & 9 Months) - Applicants must pass a Vision Screening and Knowledge Test To practice the knowledge test online, Click Below 2. Provisional License (Minimum Age 16 & 6 Months) A Driver is eligible for a Provisional after: Completing Driver's Education Maintaining a Conviction Free or Probation Before Judgement (PBJ) Free Driving Record for the required minimum permit holding period Completing Practice Skills Log Passing MVA's Skills Test ​ ​​3. Driver's License (Minimum Age 18) A Driver is eligible for a Driver's License after: Holding a Provisional License for at least 18 months Remaining Conviction or Probation Before Judgement Free within the previous 18 months After meeting all requirements as a Provisional Holder MVA will automatically convert the Provisional License to a Driver's License ​
  • What if I miss a class?
    A missed class can be made up in the next Driver's Ed Class that will cover the Unit missed. Students cannot miss more than 4 class days and the 1st day of class is mandatory.

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